Project Gallery

Cleaning Up the President’s Cemetery

On Arbor Day, April 24, 2015, a volunteer crew from Arborist Enterprises spent the day cleaning up the cemetery around President James Buchanan’s grave, clearing fallen trees and branches, and… Read More

Crane Lifts Oak Tree Over House

The homeowner was uncomfortable with this very large pin oak tree towering over her home from the back yard. We determined that the steeply-sloped yard made it necessary to employ… Read More

A City Side Yard is Reclaimed

This job started with removal of a poison ivy-infested hedge growing three feet over the sidewalk, followed by removal of three large old trees and grinding out the stumps. We… Read More

Crane Removal – Large Silver Maple

The owner wanted this a 75-year-old silver maple removed from his back yard in this 2-day project in October 2014. Access was via a single-width driveway next to high-voltage power… Read More

Cleaning Up Winter Storm Damage

The winter of 2014 was a rough one. The aftermath of winter’s harsh touch left open wounds on trees. Some branches were broken off completely, leaving stubs that had to… Read More

Summer Storms Topple Un-pruned Trees

Over the years, we’ve seen the most extensive storm damage in trees already weakened from disease or insect infestation. Trees that have a strong structural foundation and have been properly… Read More

City Storm Damage Cleanup

A severe June thunderstorm damaged trees in Lancaster city. One of our Arborist Representatives and a team of trained technicians work closely with the homeowners to promptly clean up debris, thus… Read More

At the Arboretum, We Do Heavy Lifting

Longwood Gardens partners with Arborist Enterprises for large tree removal or tree pruning projects. Such projects require multiple skilled technicians working in cooperation with the staff at Longwood Gardens.

A Truly Magnificent Oak Tree

Arborist Enterprises worked with the Homeowners’ Association to preserve and protect this historic and majestic oak tree. A lightning protection system was installed to prevent storm damage. Arborist Enterprises also… Read More

A Difficult Tree Removal in the City

This series of photos depicts a complicated tree removal from the Demuth Museum, Lancaster, Pa. Working in the heart of Lancaster city, Arborist Enterprises crews used state-of-the-art technology to communicate… Read More

Nurturing and Preserving Woodlands

For estates and properties with woodlands, Arborist Enterprises offers customized maintenance plans to nuture, cultivate and preserve the naturally growing landscapes.

Tree & Shrub Care Enhances Shopping Outlet

We’re honored to partner with Tanger Outlets, managing all tree and shrub care services including disease and insect management, pruning, and fertilization. Enjoy this series of photographs from different areas… Read More

Spraying to Protect Trees and Shrubs

Voracious tree- and shrub-attacking insects can injure, defoliate, and even kill plants. That’s why it’s important to have a professional arborist inspect your home’s valuable trees and shrubs annually for… Read More

24-Hour Response to Hurricane Damage

Hurricane Irene struck southeastern PA in August 2011. For some of our clients, Hurricane Irene devastated key parts of their landscape. For this client, we responded within 24 hours of… Read More

Beautiful Estate in Springtime

These wonderful photos were taken at a Lancaster County estate nestled in the countryside. Arborist Enterprises provides annual tree, shrub and plant care to the owner of this property and… Read More