Property Owner Meets Emerald Ash Borer Threat Head-On

Having read about the inevitability of the tree-killing emerald ash borer, a homeowner near Stevens, Pa. decided to deal with the threat proactively by having approximately half of 23 ash trees treated to protect against infestation, and the rest removed.
Around June, the trees selected for treatment were protected with a two-year trunk-injected pesticide.  Then crews returned in late October for a two-day removal project, using a crane to lift trees out in large sections, protecting the property beneath the trees. In early November, all stumps were ground to below grade and chips removed.
Some things to look for in this group of photos:

  • Selected trees are removed from the top down.
  • Use of crane minimizes impact on the ground.
  • Well-trained crew uses state-of-the-art safety gear.
  • Chipper can accept massive branches and trunks.
  • Stump grinding prepares land for adding topsoil, reseeding.