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We’re Proud to Be on the Cover of December 2019 TCIA Magazine

dec2019tcia_coverTree Care Industry magazine provides information to tree care professionals about their peers and what top experts recommend to increase productivity, safety and efficiency.

AEI President Ben Tresselt, III, quoted in the article Managing Chippers, Stumpers and Crews for Efficiency, addresses safety as well as other subjects:

“We do not take any chances when a job requires more equipment or personnel,” says Tresselt. “When a job requires it, we will send more as needed. We want to be safe. And we never send only one person out if there is off-the-ground work.” Usually, whether the job is a takedown, pruning or chipping, for example, he will send out at least a crew of two in case a worker is injured and needs help, and therefore has someone available to call 911. “The only exception, in most cases, will be stump grinding,” he says, which is done separately as a follow-up operation as a matter of efficiency, and can include one or two crewpersons.

The same December 2019 issue contains the words of another Tresselt on page 28, where Anthony Tresselt, AEI’s director of safety and training, shares his expertise in Aerial Friction in Top-Down Rigging Scenarios.

The December 2019 issue of Tree Care Industry Magazine can be read online, or you can download the PDF.