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Lawn and Landscape Management

Healthy, vigorous trees and shrubs are less vulnerable to attack by insects and disease. Become familiar with the steps below and you will have a prescription for maintaining the health of your landscape.

Mulch Properly:

Most trees and shrubs benefit from a 2-3 inch-deep layer of mulch. Proper mulching helps keep the weeds out of a planting area and reduces evaporation of soil moisture.

Give Trees and Shrubs enough water:

During the summer, when we are low on rainfall, give enough water when installed and keep the soil moist but not soaked through the first year. Most garden shrubs and ornamentals need about one inch of rainfall per week.

Established trees and shrubs need less frequent, but deeper, watering.  Established plants that are drought-sensitive will tell you they need water when they are wilted or droopy.

Fertilize Trees and Shrubs:

The best thing you can do for newly planted trees and shrubs is to fertilize them to encourage root growth. Having the right balance of nutrients is especially important in the first two to three years after installation.


Nothing puts the finishing touch on your lawn and flower beds than a crisp, clean edge. Quality edging is an art that’s not easily replicated with hand tools or string trimmers. We have the professional precision tools to create crisp edges around every garden bed and tree base throughout your yard.


Enjoying your lawn, trees, and shrubs throughout the seasons means taking care of them from the moment the first blade of grass pops up in the spring until the last leaf drops in the fall.

That’s where our team comes in. Our trained technicians are the reason why our customers’ properties look healthy and lush throughout the growing season.

We take a holistic approach to landscape management to keep your property healthy year after year. Our landscape management services will help to maintain the health and beauty of your property.