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AEI Earns TCIA Accreditation Renewal

October 2018 – Every three years, tree care companies wishing to display the Tree Care Industry Association’s company accreditation logo must undergo a rigorous audit and site visit. It takes a significant amount of work to meet the association’s standards of ethics, quality and consumer confidence, making accreditation by the TCIA an important yardstick for consumers.

Recently the TCIA recently announced its renewal of Arborist Enterprises, Inc.’s residential/commercial accreditation, noting that AEI was the only the third tree care company in the state to receive TCIA accreditation, in 2006.

“Accreditation is a process that helps the owner really get a handle on their business, get it organized, understand strategically how it works and where they want to take that company in the future,” says Bob Rouse, TCIA’s chief program officer. “It shows customers that this is a model tree care company, the best in the area, and raises the bar for other tree care companies in the area.”

For more information, visit TCIA’s accreditation page.