Watering Guidelines

Newly planted trees and shrubs generally need to be watered two to three times per week. Summer showers help, but usually do little to moisten the root ball.

To provide the most even soil moisture for the roots, use the following guidelines (the exact amount of water required will vary with the soil type and extent of dryness):

  1. Start daily watering with 10 gallons of water per inch of trunk caliper. Caliper is the diameter of the tree measured at 6” above the ground line. If the resulting measurement is more than 4”, measure at 12” above the ground line.
  2. Calculate the time required to deliver the appropriate amount of water from a hose by measuring and filling a similar size container. Use the same pressure when watering.
  3. Keep the water from running off the root ball by creating a raised ring of soil at the edge of the root ball (not the edge of the planting hole).
  4. Continue to water through the fall season, though the frequency may be reduced.