Training – from Bobcat to HazMat

Chris Shirey - Bobcat

Chris Shirey imparts Bobcat knowledge.

We take our training seriously at Arborist Enterprises. Here are two recent examples:

The Bobcat T750 is a wonderful piece of equipment capable of transporting heavy trunks and limbs across soft ground with minimal damage. To ensure that all of our operators understand how to use it safely and efficiently, we recently had Chris Shirey from Bobcat of Lancaster out to our shop.

Tony Tresselt conducts HazMat training

Tony Tresselt conducts HazMat training

Director of Safety and Training Tony Tresselt conducted a meeting for all of our technicians to cover the proper response to hazardous materials spills. Although such events are extremely unlikely, technicians must know when a spilled substance is classified as a hazard, and whether to call for help.