Tree Support Systems

Lean on me.

If you have a large, well-established tree with a hazardous flaw– such as a weak branch union or a co-dominant stem (a fork with a tight V angle)– cabling and bracing may be necessary.

Benefits of Cabling and Bracing

  • Strengthen the structure of tree.
  • Prolong the life of trees weakened by storm damage or natural causes.
  • Reduce the likelihood of damage to homes, cars and outdoor areas.

We follow ANSI (American National Standards Institute) best management practices for installation of cables, braces, guys and props to support branches or entire trees.

To protect your trees and your property, contact us today for a tree inspection.


“Our Zelkova that you cabled and bolted did fine, and we were glad that the dead Douglas Firs John spotted before we did had already been removed before Hurricane Sandy hit.”

Dan C. – Lancaster


We care for the green stuff under your trees.

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