Tree & Shrub Pruning



We can’t promise stability in the global or housing markets as a way to preserve your investments. However, we can help preserve your landscape investment–which ultimately will improve your home value–through proper pruning.

Tree Pruning

Trees may need to be pruned because of storm damage, both to protect your home and family from falling limbs and to preserve the health of the tree. Trees are often pruned for aesthetic reasons as well. Regardless of the reason, we recommend investing in a professional consultation–it could save you hundreds of dollars in medical bills and repairs.

At Arborist Enterprises, our arborists and technicians are trained and educated according to ANSI A300 tree pruning standards, which are the generally accepted industry standards for tree care practices. This continuous education ensures that technicians will prune your trees using modern equipment and the latest arboricultural methods.

Shrub Pruning

Shrub damage is common. Shrubs may look destroyed or heavily damaged, but with proper care, they usually can grow back and recover. We suggest surveying all of your plants, taking special care to inspect shrubs for damage. Then contact us– we’re experts on shrubs too.

Tree Pruning Questions

Does pruning really provide that much of a benefit to my trees (or to me)?

Tree pruning is extremely important to help a tree develop proper branch structure so that it is less likely to suffer damage or a failure in the future.  Proper pruning can also help manage potential insect or disease issues.

How often should I have my trees pruned?

Every three to five years is a good rule of thumb, but it could be less, depending on the tree.  Storm events may also cause damage that needs to be addressed immediately.  It’s a great idea to have our Arborist Representative evaluate your trees annually.

When is a good time to prune my trees?

It depends on what the pruning is to accomplish. Properly completed maintenance pruning, which comprises approximately 80% to 90% of the pruning necessary, can be completed at anytime of the year. It’s not so important when it’s completed, although it is critical that it be properly done. Poor pruning techniques, e.g. topping and over thinning, should never be completed regardless of the time of the year. All the remaining 10% to 20% of pruning that consists of shaping, flower and fruit production should be determined by our Arborist Representative to properly achieve the goals and outcome. With this type of pruning, timing and proper pruning procedures are most important.

How do I get grass to grow under my trees?

In natural settings, grass and trees do not coexist easily. There is not much grass in a forrest and there are not many trees in natural meadows. It is also not very healthy for the trees or the grass. If you intend to buck the natural system and try growing grass under trees, the grass will need a large amount of filtered or direct sunlight through or under the branches.

Therefore, properly and regularly pruned trees will have a better chance of growing grass under them. Be aware that it may take a while for grass to become established, and because of the growth pattern of some trees, no grass will be able to grow under them. In which case properly established and maintained mulch beds are strongly recommended.


“Your guys did a great job pruning and cleaning up. I’m very pleased. Thanks.”

Geri R. – Denver

“Fabulous pruning experience as always.”

Carol M., Lititz

“John Brewer was very knowledgeable and helpful in determining the needed pruning. The three tree pruner techs did a super job. Thanks.”

Barb D., Lancaster

“Excellent work pruning the trees – they look fantastic. The lawn was taken care of – even with the big trucks back there!”

Jeanette H. – Lancaster


Fall Tree Fertilization

The plant care specialists at Arborist Enterprises will keep your trees and shrubs healthy year-round with our custom fall tree fertilization treatment service.

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