Plant Health Care Contracts

Maintain the health and beauty of your landscape.



A plant health care contract is an affordable treatment option to protect your investment from insects, disease and other environmental hazards.

Our Arborist Representative will inspect your home’s trees and shrubs and customize an annual program for your property.

Next, our trained technicians will identify damaging insects, diseases, or other threats to your plants, providing solutions and treatments to ensure their overall health.

Services can include evaluation and diagnosis, insect and disease management, fertilization and much more.

Contact us today to set up a plant health care contract.

Plant Health Care (PHC) Questions

What is Plant Health Care (PHC)?

Plant Health Care is a total health care solution for evaluating, maintaining, identifying, and treating your trees and shrubs and their environment.

Susceptible trees and shrubs are vulnerable to attacks by pests. Some diseases can quickly and easily kill within a short period of time while others are chronic and long lasting. Some diseases cause no injuries at all. Our trained PHC technicians are trained to identify signs of disease when evaluating your trees and shrubs and will provide solutions and treatment to ensure their long-term health.

Will I need to have this service forever?

Because of the endless number of potential diseases or insect issues that can affect trees and shrubs there is a continual need for Plant Health Care. Arborists can detect and address any such issues before they become a problem that can jeopardize your trees and shrubs.

It rained about an hour after our treatment was completed.  Do I need to get it re-applied?

Most of the products we apply adhere to the foliage surface or are absorbed into the foliage within the first hour after application. If it rains within this first hour we should re-apply so that we are certain the product is effective. If it has been an hour or more since the application, we do not need to re-apply. If ever in doubt, feel free to call us for clarification.


“Very helpful and polite. We have noticed much improvement of the health of our plants, shrubs, and trees.”

Kathleen L. – Lancaster

“We were not home when you sprayed our trees. The trees look very healthy this year.”

John Z. – Lancaster


Fall Tree Fertilization

The plant care specialists at Arborist Enterprises will keep your trees and shrubs healthy year-round with our custom fall tree fertilization treatment service.

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