Broadleaf weed control

We'll rid your lawn of uninvited plants.

Even with good turf management (fertilizing and watering properly, not mowing too short), broadleaf weeds are a fact of life, because their seeds occur naturally in all soils, and even a single weed can produce thousands of airborne seeds.

We specialize in eradicating difficult-to-control weeds such as creeping Charlie (ground ivy), thistles and wild violets, which spread via underground stems. These are difficult for the average homeowner to kill, and over time they can spread over the entire lawn.

For dandelions and other common broadleaf weeds, we’ll vary our applications depending on the season and type of weed, since various species germinate at different times.

Your lawn deserves respect. We can do that. Contact us for an evaluation and a customized lawn care plan.


“Your lawn application men are always very courteous & professional.”

Gene G. – Lititz

“Our lawn has never looked better! Have used two other lawn services but they can’t compete with you!”

Larry M. – Lancaster


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