It looks easy, and many people enjoy doing it. But...

Proper mulching benefits your trees and shrubs, insulating the soil against temperature extremes, retaining water, and suppressing weeds.

So, why do so many people get it wrong, piling “mulch volcanoes” high up the tree trunk, negating some of the benefits while introducing new problems? Improper mulching can lead to softening of the bark and invasion by insects, rodents, and disease.

Our expert mulchers use real, shredded hardwood mulch that has been properly composted. Among other things, they’ll determine the proper diameter for the mulch ring and taper the mulch thickness toward the trunk.

Mulching. It’s one of those things that anybody and everybody does– but if you want it done right, rely on arborists with the training and experience to do what’s best for your trees and shrubs.

There’s nothing quite like a professional mulch job. Contact us for an appointment.


“Recently had pruning, edging and mulching done. Very pleased with work.”

Kathy B. – Lancaster


Too Mulch of a Good Thing

Mulch can benefit flowerbeds and shrubs, but for some reason tree-lovers go crazy pouring mountains of mulch under trees. We’ve seen this done by professional landscape maintenance crews who really should know better.

Bad mulching – “mulch volcano” covers trunk.

What’s the point? Here’s a question we’ve been asked more than once: ...

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