Protecting Crabapple and Dogwood Trees from Leaf-Fungus Disease

Preserve the health and beauty of flowering crabapple and dogwood trees with fungicide spray applications. Infestations can harm or even kill a tree if it is not sprayed properly and at the right times.

What happens to the trees?
The fungus attacks flowering trees in the early spring. Warming temperatures and abundant moisture trigger release of fungal spores, which settle on small emerging crabapple and dogwood leaves. Spores adhere to leaf surfaces and can grow quickly- eventually consuming the entire leaf surface. The disease weakens a tree’s ability to produce food and resist attacks by other diseases and insects. An early visible symptom is damaged leaves – small, curled, yellowing and lacking in robust growth.

How can this be treated?
Fungus control requires several properly-timed fungicide spray applications beginning in the early spring and continuing periodically until early summer. Preventative treatment with fungicides is the most effective measure possible to protect your trees from foliar fungus disease.