Leaf me alone! Let us prepare your trees and shrubs for winter


Whew! You’ve raked, blown, or otherwise persuaded the leaves to form themselves into neat piles. Now it’s time to forget about trees for a while, right?

Well, sure, but before you tune out for the season, give us a call. We’re arborists, and as summer gives way to winter, our thoughts just naturally turn from sunny beeches to dormant dogwoods.

Fall is prime time for pruning! It’s also the perfect season to fertilize the roots of all your trees and shrubs. It’s also time to consider having anti-desiccant sprays applied to protect your vulnerable evergreens in sunny and windy locations.

So even though you may not want to be outside as much, please pardon us for getting a little giddy this time of year. Believe us when say your arborist very much wants to be there, caring for your part of the world.

Contact us to schedule service.