A Landscape Spring Cleaning

Spring was off to an early start this year, but we’re still in prime time for those vital tasks that prepare your landscape for the growing season.

But first, a word about our favorite pet peeve– mulch volcanoes, those mounds of mulch that people love to pile high up the trunks of their trees. Too much mulch can trap moisture, softening the tree’s bark and promoting invasion by insects, rodents and disease. Azaleas, boxwoods and Japanese hollies will grow roots directly into mulch volcanoes, which can then dry out and die when the mulch decomposes.

To mulch correctly, follow these tips from ArboristEnterprises.com:

  • Don’t add mulch if two to four inches is already in place.
  • Rake old mulch to improve appearance and break it up.
  • Expand the mulch ring on young trees to the width of the canopy and slope it slightly inward toward the trunk.
  • Use non-bark mulch, coarsely chopped. Bark mulch breaks down very slowly, doesn’t replenish the soil, and reduces soil moisture.

Get expert help from our mulch squad
Call us to help with spring cleanup projects including mulching, edging, planting and weeding. You can reach us at (717) 393-7602 or go to arboristenterprises.com/request-a-service.