Emerald Ash Borer Alert: Local Ash Trees in Danger

Emerald ash borer threat moving closer to Lancaster county. All ash trees in danger.

Update May 1, 2014: The emerald ash borer has been found in Berks County, right next door to Lancaster County. See our April e-newsletter for the latest.

The emerald ash borer has made its way from Asia to the Midwest, destroying tens of millions of beautiful ash trees in states including Michigan, Ohio and Illinois. As Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) comes closer to south central PA, in large part due to the transport of infected nursery ash trees and firewood, more ash trees are at risk.  PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources reports over 300 million ash trees in grow in natural habitats and forests which does not include residential or commercial landscapes.

Starting on April 15th 2011, a federal quarantine was issued forbidding the transportation of firewood, live trees across state lines. This quarantine supersedes the current state quarantine and will restrict the movement of any Ash wood, either by live tree or firewood; across state lines.*

Once infected, there is NO chance the trees will survive without treatment. At Arborist Enterprises, our team of ISA-certified arborists and Board Certified Master Arborist developed a preventive maintenance program that will increase the health of ash trees and protect against EAB destruction.

Early treatment gives ash trees time to adjust to the treatment and benefit from a stronger resistance to EAB infestation.

** Gregg Robertson, Pennsylvania Landscape and Nursery Assoc.

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