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Protecting Your Trees from Spotted Lanternflies in Southeastern PA

July 20, 2021

When mother nature’s checks and balances aren’t in place, invasive species can run rampant. That’s what we’ve experienced over the past several years with the ... Read More

Our Story: 30 Years of Arborist Enterprises

July 09, 2021

Before Arborist Enterprises was born, well before our first red truck, Ben Tresselt began taking on side jobs helping homeowners care for their trees on ... Read More

Thank You for 30 Years

July 07, 2021

It’s amazing to think it’s been 30 years since we decided to take a chance and start a small tree care business. While it goes ... Read More

A Swarm of Rare Cicadas Will Return to Our Region this Spring

May 11, 2021

Right now, there are billions of cicadas buried beneath your feet, just waiting to emerge from the ground around you. And this specific brood of ... Read More

Spotted Lanternfly FAQ

June 06, 2020

(Updated 6/8/2020)

The spotted lanternfly is raising more questions than answers, it seems. A widely-publicized infestation is sweeping across Lancaster County, causing concerned home and business ... Read More

We’re Proud to Be on the Cover of December 2019 TCIA Magazine

December 20, 2019

Tree Care Industry magazine provides information to tree care professionals about their peers and what top experts recommend to increase productivity, safety and efficiency.

AEI President ... Read More

AEI Earns TCIA Accreditation Renewal

November 07, 2018

October 2018 – Every three years, tree care companies wishing to display the Tree Care Industry Association’s company accreditation logo must undergo a rigorous audit ... Read More

Summer Fun for Kids at Rapho Park

August 03, 2018

Arborist Enterprises is proud to have been a sponsor again this year of the summer playground program at Rapho Park, led by Greater Elizabethtown Area ... Read More

Winter Pet Care: COLD 2018 Update!

January 03, 2018

January 2018 started out VERY cold, so all of us pet owners would do well to keep these pet-safety tips in mind:

Feed well. Give your ... Read More

VP Tina Tresselt featured In Article on Women Leaders in Tree Care

September 14, 2017

In the article Meet a Few of the Women Leaders in Commercial Tree Care, Tina Tresselt talks candidly about her role as vice president and ... Read More

Emerald Ash Borers Spell Doom for 177 Trees in Lancaster County Central Park

August 16, 2017

Paul Weiss, parks and recreation administrator for Lancaster County, and Ben Tresselt III, president of Arborist Enterprises, talk about the emerald ash borer infestation and ... Read More

Tree Work, June 2017

July 24, 2017

Watch this 37-second clip showing just another workday at Arborist Enterprises. Shot in June 2017 by Safety Director Tony Tresselt, the video starts off with ... Read More

AEI Crews Practice Aerial Rescue Skills

June 16, 2017

Last month, as part of ongoing safety training, our general tree care crews practiced aerial rescue skills.

Working at height, whether in an aerial lift or ... Read More

Plant Health Care Explained

May 31, 2017

In recent years, the tree care industry adopted the term “plant health care” (PHC) to describe a new holistic approach to the health of plants. The ... Read More

We care for the green stuff under your trees.

May 12, 2017

At Arborist Enterprises we are dedicated to being your full-service lawn care company. We have a long and growing list of satisfied lawn care ... Read More

A Landscape Spring Cleaning

May 01, 2017

Spring was off to an early start this year, but we’re still in prime time for those vital tasks that prepare your landscape for the ... Read More

Celebrate Arbor Day

April 13, 2017

In 1872, J. Sterling Morton proposed to the Nebraska Board of Agriculture that a special day be set aside for the planting of trees. Over ... Read More

Karl Weaver and Ben Miklos Earn Safety Certifications

March 09, 2017

Karl Weaver and Ben Miklos have earned their Certified Treecare Safety Professional (CTSP) certifications from the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). As CTSPs, Karl and Ben are safety ... Read More

Think Spring! Time For Lawn Care Planning

February 28, 2017

With just a few months of planning ahead—and a little bit of help from Arborist Enterprises—you can have a greener, healthier lawn in the spring. ... Read More

Winter Pet Care Tips

February 16, 2017

January 2018 started out VERY cold, so all of us pet owners would do well to keep these pet-safety tips in mind:

Feed well. Give your ... Read More

Winter Wellness Discount – Don’t Miss It!

February 08, 2017

When you call us to schedule work before March 31, 2017, you can save 10% on tree care services by taking advantage of our winter ... Read More

Why Winter is the Best Time to Plan for Lawn Care

February 01, 2017

The calendar says February, but the days are getting longer and we say it’s time to THINK SPRING! A more beautiful lawn can be yours in ... Read More

Ben and Tina Tresselt Profiled for Safety Commitment

January 23, 2017

The January 2017 issue of Tree Care Industry magazine features a story about Arborist Enterprises owners Ben and Tina Tresselt’s serious commitment to safety in ... Read More

Director of Safety Tony Tresselt Uses Power of Story

January 18, 2017

Recognized tree industry expert and author Tony Tresselt, our directory of safety and training, talks about how he engages his listeners by telling stories in ... Read More

Introducing Tom Shotzbarger

December 14, 2016

We’re proud to welcome Tom Shotzbarger as our newest Arborist Representative. Tom’s resume includes decades of experience in the green industry. In 2007, Governor Rendell ... Read More

Tree Care Foremen Earn ISA-Certified Arborist Credentials

December 07, 2016

Ethan Bradley and Ben Miklos

General Tree Care Foremen Ben Miklos and Ethan Bradley are now ISA-Certified Arborists.

Being certified by the International Society ... Read More

Leaf me alone! Let us prepare your trees and shrubs for winter

November 09, 2016

Whew! You’ve raked, blown, or otherwise persuaded the leaves to form themselves into neat piles. Now it’s time to forget about trees for a while, ... Read More

Too Mulch of a Good Thing

May 17, 2016

Mulch can benefit flowerbeds and shrubs, but for some reason tree-lovers go crazy pouring mountains of mulch under trees. We’ve seen this done by professional ... Read More

2016 Emerald Ash Borer Update

April 07, 2016

Q&A with Arborist Enterprises President Ben Tresselt, III.

It’s been about a year since the first confirmed appearance of the emerald ash borer (EAB) in Lancaster County ... Read More

Steer clear of tree care cowboys

August 19, 2015

If you anticipate hiring a tree service, this video from CBC Canada is well worth two minutes of your time. Beware of your personal liability ... Read More

AE President Ben Tresselt III Warns Homeowners about Emerald Ash Borer on WGAL

June 03, 2015

Ben Tresselt, president and co-owner of Arborist Enterprises, gives advice to property owners in a story by WGAL’s Meredith Jorgensen about the Emerald Ash Borer ... Read More

Cleaning Up for the President

May 19, 2015

Lancaster’s Woodward Hill Cemetery, site of the Trick or Trot run, is perhaps better known as the final resting place of President James Buchanan. On ... Read More

Tony Tresselt in May TCI Magazine

May 12, 2015

Our director of safety and training and resident author, Tony Tresselt, shares his expertise on safe rigging in a bylined article in the the May ... Read More

Tony Tresselt Moonlights as Catalog Model

December 03, 2014

Tony Tresselt, certified tree care safety professional (CTSP) and director of safety and training at Arborist Enterprises, recently did some modeling for the 2014 Sherriltree ... Read More

Exciting Video – TCIA Expo 2014

October 27, 2014

We usually don’t share tree care industry stuff with our customers, but we had to make an exception for this exceptionally well-produced video promoting the ... Read More

Trick or Trot 5K Run 2014

October 07, 2014

Update: The race was run on Saturday, October 25. You can now view 2014 Trick or Trot race results here and 2014 Trick or ... Read More

Training – from Bobcat to HazMat

September 05, 2014

Chris Shirey imparts Bobcat knowledge.

We take our training seriously at Arborist Enterprises. Here are two recent examples:

The Bobcat T750 is a wonderful piece ... Read More

Local arborist judges national tree climbing championship

August 12, 2014

Tony Tresselt, certified tree care safety professional (CTSP) and our director of safety and training, was a judge at the 2014 International Tree Climbing ... Read More

Rock climbing passion becomes a career with Arborist Enterprises

July 14, 2014

Rock climber Matt Rinard used to climb trees for practice– before it became his day job. See how his passion for climbing helped Matt start ... Read More

WGAL report on winter storm cleanup – important safety tips

May 05, 2014

Ben Tresselt, president and owner of Arborist Enterprises, speaks with WGAL’s Meredith Jorgensen on how the Arborist Enterprises team works safely to prune tree limbs ... Read More

Owl In A Day’s Work

March 05, 2014


See April 10 update!

Sometimes tree service becomes owl rescue service. Contract climber Ryan Kruljac was working with an Arborist Enterprises crew at Longwood Gardens recently ... Read More

President/Owner of Arborist Enterprises Appointed New Chair of National Trade Assocation

February 25, 2013

The Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), the national trade association for commercial and utility tree care companies, announced the installation of Benjamin G. Tresselt III as chair ... Read More

Tony Tresselt: Key Speaker at Tree Care Industry Association Conference

November 09, 2012

Tony Tresselt, Arborist Enterprises Safety Consultant, presented on a key safety topic titled:  Best Practices for Rigging and Z133.  His presentation focused on the ever increasing equipment options ... Read More

Ben Tresselt Appointed as Vice Chairman

June 01, 2012

Ben Tresselt III, President, has been appointed Vice Chairman of the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) Board of Directors. TCIA develops safety and education programs, standards of tree care practice, ... Read More

Emerald Ash Borer Alert: Local Ash Trees in Danger

May 21, 2012

Emerald ash borer threat moving closer to Lancaster county. All ash trees in danger.

Update May 1, 2014: The emerald ash borer has been found in ... Read More