Ben and Tina Tresselt Profiled for Safety Commitment

The January 2017 issue of Tree Care Industry magazine features a story about Arborist Enterprises owners Ben and Tina Tresselt’s serious commitment to safety in the tree care industry, Leading by Example behind Arborist Enterprises’ ASTI Support.

ASTI is the Arborist Safety Training Institute, to which Ben and Tina were the first to donate in 2013. While the Tree Care Industry Association provides many opportunities to understand and train for safety, many smaller operators in the industry are not members.

“If we can give them something cheap or even at no cost in the way of safety training that they aren’t getting elsewhere, then hopefully we can help stem the tide of accidents in the tree care industry,” says Ben. About the safety culture at Arborist Enterprises, Ben concludes: “Every single person in our company has the right and the responsibility to stop any activity they might feel is unsafe, with no repercussions whatsoever. We take care of trees— we’re not fighting fires or dodging bullets— so we have no reason to put ourselves in harm’s way.”

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