Management Team

Our management team oversees the daily operations of the technicians, both on the ground and in the office. We work diligently to make sure you receive the highest quality products and services while ensuring that technicians perform these services accurately and safely.

Ben Tresselt - Arborist Enterprises

Ben Tresselt III  – President & Owner

ISA® Board Certified Master Arborist
PA Certified Commercial Pesticide Applicator
Licensed Maryland Tree Expert

Board Appointments:
Past chairman, Tree Care Industry Association (2013-2014)

Started with Arborist Enterprises: In the beginning, June 1, 1991

Favorite Tree: White Oak


Tina Tresselt - Arborist Enterprises

Tina Tresselt  – Vice President & Owner

Started with Arborist Enterprises: In the beginning, June 1, 1991

Favorite Tree: Paper Bark Maple


Karl Weaver - Arborist Enterprises

Karl Weaver – Production Operations Manager

Started with Arborist Enterprises: 2003

Favorite Tree: Japanese Cutleaf Maple



We enjoy the care Barry puts into his job! You must enjoy having such great employees! Thanks!

Joy R. – Leola


AEI Crews Practice Aerial Rescue Skills

Last month, as part of ongoing safety training, our general tree care crews practiced aerial rescue skills.

Working at height, whether in an aerial lift or suspended by rope and harness, is an environment fraught with hazards.

By practicing core rescue techniques such as aerial lift evacuation, injured climber assistance, and related ...

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