A Healthy Lawn: The perfect accessory to well-pruned trees

In 2009, Arborist Enterprises introduced customized lawn care programs as a complement to existing tree and shrub services. Over the years, many of our clients asked about lawn care services and, we listened!

We’re proud to offer our clients the piece-of-mind that comes with knowing one company monitors all aspects of their landscape and lawn health. Arborist Enterprises’ technicians are trained and licensed to meet the needs of each lawn and client with exceptional service. Our Arborist Representatives work closely with the technicians to hand-pick the highest quality materials and products for each lawn.

For lawn care, timing is critical-particularly for crabgrass which begins to germinate when temperatures regularly reach at least 60 degrees. For this month only, we’re offering a special deal to all of our clients. Now through April 30th, sign up for a 7-step lawn care program and receive 6% off the total price.